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HYBRID Battery Replacement Services

You should always hire a mechanic who specializes in hybrid vehicles. Such a mechanic can be found at Mac’s Complete Auto Repair. Don’t let just any mechanic work on your car. 

What is a

hybrid battery?

A hybrid vehicle, as you may know, combines the functionality of a gas-powered motor and an electric hybrid battery. The battery is rechargeable and has enough power to power even a large vehicle. Every major automobile manufacturer, including Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Hyundai, has a hybrid vehicle in their lineup.

Hybrid vehicles combine the benefits of owning both an electric and a gasoline-powered vehicle. Because of the hybrid battery that powers the car, they have a very impressive fuel economy. When a gas-powered engine is added to an electric engine, it becomes much more functional; these two components work together to produce the best efficiency and reliability. 

Hybrid battery reconditioning is used to reverse the aging process and recondition the battery. The following is how the reconditioning procedure works: 

  • The hybrid battery is removed from the vehicle and its overall condition is evaluated.
  • The battery is disassembled, and its modules or cells are tested on our equipment to ensure that they can store electrical energy again.
  • The capabilities of the modules are tested, and their capacities are determined. They are then grouped together with other modules of comparable power and capacity.
  • The battery is built around the good cells after a final charge and module testing.
  • The hybrid battery’s remaining components are tested to ensure peak performance. Mirror Casing Repair
  • The entire battery pack is reinstalled in the vehicle.

What is hybrid

battery reconditioning?



Drivers in Chandler say that we are the best auto repair shop in town – and we agree. Customers, both new and returning, point out the quality of our work and the honesty of our technicians:

“Mac inspected my Chrysler 300’s alternator, and the problem just turned out to be the battery – saving me money. I appreciate the honesty. Other shops would have sold me services I didn’t need.” – Dawn B.
“Mac was so honest and professional. I just went for an oil change, but he then inspected my brakes and tires once he was done. He even cleaned my brakes on the house.” – Mark A.
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