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You should always hire a mechanic who specializes in hybrid vehicles. Such a mechanic can be found at Mac’s Complete Auto Repair. Don’t let just any mechanic work on your car. 


Prius Repair Specialists

Mac’s Complete Auto Repair is your one-stop shop for Toyota Prius and hybrid maintenance and repair. We take pride in knowing the Prius better than anyone else and in being able to use that knowledge to provide you with quick service, competitive pricing, and the most dependable repairs available. 

Our Prius repair team is capable of handling a wide range of tasks, from routine Prius maintenance to battery rebuilds, allowing you to keep your beloved vehicle on the road for as long as possible. We are committed to doing everything in our power to deliver results you can rely on. We can and have done everything from a simple bulb, trim piece, or skirting to HV batteries, engines, and transmissions.

We’ve been servicing hybrid vehicles since they were first introduced on the market. In fact, we use some of the same tools that the dealers do to service this special and unique hybrid. We can service any Asian, European, or domestic hybrid quickly and properly. Contact Mac’s Auto Repair today for your next hybrid service or repair. We can help you.

We are Reliable

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“Mac inspected my Chrysler 300’s alternator, and the problem just turned out to be the battery – saving me money. I appreciate the honesty. Other shops would have sold me services I didn’t need.” – Dawn B.
“Mac was so honest and professional. I just went for an oil change, but he then inspected my brakes and tires once he was done. He even cleaned my brakes on the house.” – Mark A.
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