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The Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is one of those things that no one likes to do, but if you want to stay safe and keep your vehicle in good working condition, it’s a must. The old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” doesn’t apply here. The consequences of ignoring the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance usually end up being quite costly. Even less expensive cars are costly and come with many years of payments. You want to protect your investment – even if you spent a few thousand on a used beater – it gets you to where you need to go.

Keeping your vehicle maintained increases safety, reduces expenses, and keeps your vehicle performing well – which also saves you money in fuel costs. Maintaining your vehicle has many benefits. Mac’s Complete Auto Repair in Chandler AZ provides preventative maintenance for your vehicle. We also check for problems while doing the maintenance.

Reduces Breakdowns

When you have your vehicle serviced by Mac’s Complete Auto Repair in Chandler AZ, it significantly reduces the chances of breakdowns and saves you a potentially large towing bill. And, you significantly reduce the stress of being stuck on the road, missing time at work, and other disruptions, since you can schedule upcoming repairs.

When you bring your vehicle in for car maintenance, we also look for problems you might not have noticed. We also look for upcoming issues. We’ll let you know if what we see is something that needs immediate attention or if it’s something you can put off for a few months.

Your Vehicle is Safer

In addition to financial problems, a poorly maintained vehicle is dangerous to you, your family, and others on the road. Ignoring preventative maintenance increases the risk of a malfunction –depending on the malfunction, it could be dangerous if you are driving.

For example, worn brakes will prevent you from stopping in time – or at all. Worn and broken steering and suspension parts could also cause an accident. Fluid leaks, emissions issues and an inefficient engine cause toxic substances in the environment and increased emissions.

Mac’s Complete Auto Repair in Chandler AZ has all of the diagnostic equipment and tools to give your vehicle the same or better treatment than it would receive at the dealership.

Fuel Efficiency

Certain engine issues could cause you to use up to 50 percent more fuel. When you do regular preventative maintenance at Mac’s Complete Auto Repair in Chandler AZ, you are more likely to catch upcoming issues before they become problems and start guzzling fuel. Tune-ups ensure that the plugs are not misfiring because they have the wrong gap or are coated with deposits that make them inefficient.

Balancing and rotating the tires ensure the tires are in good condition. We also check the tire pressure when we balance and rotate the tires. Incorrect air pressure causes uneven tire wear and, if the pressure is too low, decreases fuel mileage.

In most cases, when something is wrong with the engine, the computer illuminates the check engine light on the dash. However, in some cases, this doesn’t happen. We can scan the vehicle to ensure the computer and sensors are working properly.

Keeps Performance at Maximum Levels

When you keep up with car maintenance, your vehicle will perform at its best. You’ll have better traction, fuel economy, more stable steering, and you won’t have to worry about the engine not starting.

Time is Money

When you stay on top of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance, you’ll prevent larger issues – problems that cause the vehicle to break down. You’ll also minimize huge repair bills. For example, if you ignore low brake pads, you’ll score the rotors so badly that they can’t be turned. You could also cause the calipers to stick and brake hoses to collapse.

If you don’t notice a leaky water pump, you could run the coolant system out of water. Today’s vehicles use aluminum heads to keep the weight down and the fuel economy higher. Aluminum heads are more apt to warp when the vehicle overheats, especially if the block is cast iron or steel. At the least, you’ll have a pricey head gasket repair.

Contact Mac’s Complete Auto Repair

Mac’s Complete Auto Repair in Chandler AZ, always looks for leaks and other problems that could lead to expensive repairs. We try to catch them before they get out of hand. To schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance and a vehicle check, contact Mac’s Complete Auto Repair at (480) 709-6259. We are conveniently located at 6948 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler AZ 85226.

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